Our turnkey metal transformation
and treatment services

Turnkey services

Laser AMP specializes in laser cutting, metal  bending, metal punching & other metal transformation processes. One of Laser AMP’s biggest strengths is that every service we provide can be completed within the same facility. Due to our plant and the high performance technology we use, Laser AMP can provide a variety of metal transformation processes without having to deal with any intermediaries or outside suppliers.

You benefit in numerous ways:

  • One project manager oversees your project in its entirety;
  • Less manipulation of parts and transportation required;
  • Knowing your project will be delivered on time.

You will gain time and your project will benefit in quality. You will be able to manage your project easily, and you will benefit from lower overall costs thanks to economies of scale.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our complementary services related to metal treatment and transformation optimize the production of metal parts. Our knowledgeable and experienced technical advisers will analyze your project and will develop a precise and efficient process, to create an end result of unmatched quality and cost-efficiency.

By combining the latest technologies and offering a wide scope of complementary services related to metal transformation, Laser AMP strives for excellence and the complete satisfaction of our clientele.

Turnkey services