Laser Cutting Technology

The new Laser AMP fiber optic laser cutting system is engineered to produce the highest quality parts at unmatched speed while reducing operating costs and environmental waste. Here are the advantages of the fiber laser cutting technology:

  • Faster cutting of thin material (2 to 4 times faster than that of a comparable 4000 W CO2 laser)
  • Superior speed and edge quality in material up to 3/4″ thickness compared to other solid-state systems
  • No optical or space inside the cavity of the laser source – eliminating costs associated with mirrors and downtime for optical alignment
  • The reduction of environmentally harmful emissions through its “solid-state” technology—which does not require laser gas to generate the laser beam
  • Less energy is consumed than its CO2 counterpart. Since there is no optical to keep cool, a smaller, more efficient chiller further enhances cost savings
  • With all three axes driven by linear motors, it allows rapid movement speeds of 13,380″/min. and a 5G acceleration speed for the entire sheet — making it the fastest 5´ x 10´ laser system available
  • The wear of components typically associated with ball-screw or rack and pinion systems has been eliminated
  • Automatic  nozzle changer based on material cutting conditions ensures that the laser is not left running while waiting for an operator to setup the next job
  • The rams externalize the material set up, eliminating interference with the laser cutting process
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