CWB Certified 47.2 for Aluminium Welding

We offer different welding services to accommodate you welding needs. Our welding equipment and large facility can support production of all types (custom aluminium welding, design welding, etc.). Contact us to determine the best welding process to meet your requirements.

Our welding equipment

  • Eleven Welders MIG from 250 to 450 Amps
  • Eight Welders TIG from 200 to 700 Amps
  • 1 welding robot 500 amps
  • Portable spot welder Miller 20 KVA
  • Spot welder Weld-o-Matic 600 V

Industries and Applications

We work in the following industries:

Turnkey services

bouton metal punching laser amp
bouton machining laser amp
bouton other services laser amp